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Elizabeth Kleinveld : Biography
Elizabeth Kleinveld : Biography
Elizabeth Kleinveld : Biography
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Elizabeth KleinveldSmoke and Mirrors is a new project of Elizabethj Kleinveld and it is based on the novella of Duras.
Duras recounted the story — with much acclaim — to those attending her salon in post-Revolutionary Paris. The novella is unique in that it represents a critical break from the representation of black literary characters, and that it also represents perhaps the first earnest attempt by a white author to situate herself within a different racial/national psyche.

Similarly, Kleinveld wants to reveal certain fixed concepts we have by playing with our notion of Western and American history. By changing the context of what we’ve been taught and expect to see, Kleinveld turns our stereotypes upside down.

The New Orleans born artist who lives in the Netherlands is based between two cultures. After seeing the plight of her fellow New Orleanians captured on TV, she spent a year and a half documenting the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina in the hope of helping to rebuild her beloved city. This work was exhibited at the New Orleans Museum of Art, the Colorado Fine Arts Center, the United States Senate, The Hague City Hall, and more.

This summer Kleinveld’s new work will be seen in a unique exhibition at Royal Delft. Kleinveld has a clear passion for flowers and knows how to take a traditional object and present it in a new and playful manner. The museum invited her to make a series of flower portraits with a number of traditional vases from the Delft Blue collection. Some of this work will also be used as the backdrop for the SMOKE and MIRRORS series.

\"Art for me is about creative self-expression and storytelling. Whether I weave my tale with words, on canvas, mixed media or through the lens, I am always telling a story.
An observer of the world around me, art allows me to respond to what I\'m taking in.
While some of my work is indeed my striving to express the beauty in front of me, other work may express just the opposite. My latest series of Flower Portraits is indeed an aim to focus on the inherent beauty of the flower itself as a reminder of the importance of enjoying the small things in life. As I walk down the streets of Amsterdam, I see a symphony of flowers on almost every block. Often, I find myself being intoxicated by their beauty, allowing me to be absorbed by the moment. Before Hurricane Katrina, experiencing moments of carpe diem were few and far between.
I am also creating art to transform my reality and to play with the way I look at things. If I feel overwhelmed by the vicissitudes of life due to tragedies such as Katrina or situations for which I feel I have no control, making art allows me to feel I\'ve regained a semblance of control, just enough to be able to respond to what is happening, instead of feeling victimized by it. Art, therefore, allows me to make sense of what feels senseless, thereby transforming my energy and reality in a positive way.\"
- Elizabeth Kleinveld
flora | the art of nature
by elizabeth kleinveld
july 30th - september 30th 2009
opening august 1st 6-9pm
Solo exhibitions 2009
• Flora: The Art of Nature, Flower Portraits series, The Darkroom, New Orleans, LA
• Celebrating Spring, Flower Reflections series, The Grand Hotel, Amsterdam
• 2008 Art in Bloom, Expansionist Art Empire (EAE) Gallery, Leiden
• Flower Portraits: Tribute to Dutch Masters, Arps Gallery, Amsterdam
Group exhibitions
• Before, During, After, Diverse Works, Houston, TX
• Before, During, After, Louisiana State Museum, New Orleans, Natchitoches, Baton Rouge and Patterson, LA
• Open Art Fair, Utrecht
• Spring Lights, Art Vine Gallery, Amsterdam
• \'It Ain\'t Necessarily So\', Arps Gallery and ABN AMRO Bank, Amsterdam
• Dutch Art, The Pulitzer Hotel, Amsterdam
• Life Art Books, Library Leiden
• Affordable Art Fair, Arps & Co, Amsterdam
• Commemorating Katrina, Texas Lutheran University, Seguin, TX
• Life Art Books, EAE Gallery, Leiden
• Road to Peace, City Hall, The Hague
• Passion for Photography, VakZuid, Amsterdam
• Rebuilding New Orleans and All that Jazz, EAE Gallery, Leiden
• Katrina Exposed, New Orleans Museum of Art, New Orleans, LA
• Seeing is Believing, Seeing is Healing, United States Senate (Russell Rotunda), Washington, DC
Selected Articles
• Troost putten uit kleur en bloemen, Leidsch Dagblad, June 7, 2008
• Agenda: Tentoonstelling, Het Financieele Dagblad, June 3, 2008
• Niet te missen: Art in Bloom, Algemeen Dagblad, May 28, 2008
• Life Art Books, Volkskrant, April 18, 2007
• Life Art books van twaalf kunstenaars in Leidse galerie, Leidse Nieuwsblad, April 2007
• TLU to host New Orleans writers& photographers, Lone Star Iconoclast, February 2007
• After Katrina, Acts of Art, Washington Post, August 2006
• Never Forget: Katrina photos at New Orleans Museum of Art, The Times Picayune, May 2006
• Kunstenaar vraagt aandacht herbouw, Witte Weekblad, January 2006
• \'you loot, we shoot\', MARE, Leids Universitair Weekblad, January, 2006
• Expositie van door orkaan getroffen kunstenaars, Leidse Nieuwsblad, January 2006
• Wederopbouwkunst voor New Orleans, Trouw, January 2006
• Mardi Gras Madness, Tableau, February 1994
• Pop Meets the Dead, Tableau, November 1993
Selected Publications
• Flower Portraits, Museum Cards 2009
• Tulips, Museum Cards 2009
• Roses, Museum Cards 2009
• Orchids, Museum Cards 2009
• Art Guide Amsterdam & Artists in Amsterdam, 2008 & 2009
• Road to Peace, Korea, 2007
• Katrina Exposed, New Orleans Museum of Art, 2006 Selected Collections
• New Orleans Museum of Art, New Orleans, LA (work from the Katrina series)
• Louisiana State Museum, New Orleans, LA (work from the Katrina series)
• The Dutch Embassy, Washington DC (work from the Katrina series)
Selected Stock Collections
• The Darkroom, New Orleans, LA (work from all series available)
• Tayler Bercier, New Orleans, LA, (Flower Reflections and Flower Portraits)
• Menno Kroon, Cothen, The Netherlands, (Katrina series & Flower Portraits)
• Arps Gallery, Amsterdam (work from all series available)
• ARTSTART (work from all series available)